Better Together

Kids are dealing with all kinds of trauma. Susie Q’s Kids provides some comfort in an otherwise scary world.

They recognize “It’s OK, not to be OK!” They provide hope and healing to kids with health issues, those experiencing homelessness, those in shelters and foster care, kids with disabilities, kids dealing with heavy situations, and those grieving the loss of loved ones. Susie Q’s Kids provides comfort bags, panda bears, and blankets promoting hope and healing. 

Imagine the smiles of a child receiving our comfort items, so much comfort can be felt from a panda bear to cuddle, a warm blanket, a bag of activity and hygiene items.

What Is Our Mission? 

Our Mission Is Three-Fold:

1. To further the missions of the nonprofits who distribute our comfort bags to kids in need in their programs: hospitals, shelters, foster care, schools, autism centers, refuge centers, advocacy centers, camps, and grief agencies.

2. To encourage “Kids in Helping Kids”; through philanthropy, fundraising, and creating and distributing our comfort bags.

3. To brighten and inspire the lives of kids in need in our community, “One comfort bag at a time”.

Who Is Susie Q’s Kids?

Susie Q’s Kids is very active in our community and seeks opportunities to network and share their story and impact with service groups, private groups, and youth groups. They share their message of hope and healing following the tragic loss of their daughter Susie. Susie Q’s Kids is proud to help address the mental health of our youth, was named the Community Partner of the Year for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), and advocates for kids in various settings of need.

They recently provided over 17,000 pairs of socks to shelters and foster care agencies throughout our community: Big Family Michigan, Ennis Center for Children, MCrest, Grace Centers of Hope, and Macomb Foster Closet. These organizations support foster care kids and kids fighting homelessness living in shelters in Chesterfield Township and the surrounding community. The Four County Community Foundation Youth Advisory Group created hundreds of comfort bags for eight school districts. 

Local advocacy agencies received hundreds of comfort bags to augment their programs. The program is expanding quickly trying to meet the need, we need your help! 

Getting Involved Together

Dr. Mary Welsh, President/Co-founder, partnered with Michigan Real Estate Masterminds (MREM) to share the mission and vision of Susie Q’s Kids and their impact in the community.  Keith Stonehouse, CEO, supports Susie Q’s Kids and their program to engage Real Estate Agents, Mortgagors, Title Agents, Insurers, Inspectors, and others to donate an amount from each home sale towards our program to place comfort bags in the hands of a child in need in our community. Contact Dr Mary to learn more.

Co-founder, Dr. Mary Welsh shares her belief that “We are better together.” As President of the Sterling Heights Lions Club, the club generously provides their hall at 12828 Canal Road in Sterling Heights for bag stuffing events on the 2nd Monday of the month. Come out, learn more, and join in this great community service opportunity. 

In March, they partnered with the Clinton Valley Kiwanis Club to promote collaboration efforts with local service agencies, funders, chambers, nonprofits, and others. It was a smashing success; a room full of goodness and connections was experienced. Check out their website to learn more

Susie Q’s Kids provided comfort bags to various school districts, hospice agencies, and child advocacy centers recently to improve the outlook of kids experiencing a physical or mental health situation. 

How Can You Help?

If your school, church, or youth group is interested in participating in a fundraising or bag stuffing event, please contact President and Co-founder Dr Mary Welsh, or 248-220-6846.