Summer Recipe of Fun: Smiles, Cuddles, and Comfort Bags

A Summer Recipe of Fun

Susie Q’s Kids has been busy this summer helping kids in our local community. It’s partnered with the Sterling Heights Lions Club, Impact 100 Macomb, Christian Business Networking Group, BNI Eastside Launchpad, and volunteers from various service groups: Lions groups, Rotary, Kiwanis, and Optimists, and businesses like MREM, ReMax, MSGCU, and Drive Creative Services to create comfort bags of hope and healing.

Susie Q’s Kids distributed comfort bags, bears, blankets, and arts and crafts items to local camps like Kids On the Go, Active Minds Basketball Camp, CARE of Southeastern Michigan, Champ Life, SVDP Camp Ozanam, and Lions Bear Lake Camp.

We provided comfort bags to kids on the cardiac floor at Children’s Hospital, Henry Ford Sandcastles Grief program, Play Place Autism Center, Centria Autism Center, Jasmynn’s Voice for autistic kids, and local shelters and foster care agencies such as Grace Centers of Hope, Big Family of Michigan, Turning Point, Care House of Macomb County, and Ennis Center for Children.

According to Sinead Nimmo, Child Life Specialist at Children's Hospital:

“Having comfort bags to share with patients at their bedside helps to bring a feeling of comfort and care to our patients and their families.  When patients have a stuffed animal to cuddle or a fun activity to play with, it can assist with coping with hospitalization because kids have comfort items or things to help them pass their time.  We always love the opportunity to share comfort bags with our patients and families!”

How Can You Help?

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