Learning with Beamer

Saturdays @ 10:00am ||  Ages 3-7 || Session & Fee Details Below 

Learning with Beamer- Community Center

“Grown-ups sure do say some confusing things sometimes! How can you have a chip on your shoulder when there are no snacks anywhere around? Without a license and car, how is it possible to drive someone up the wall? And could you really break a camel’s back with a thin piece of straw?”

The Leave it to Beamer Children’s book series explores the wide world of English Idioms. And we’ll even Go Out on a Limb to say that you will enjoy these stories Until the Crows Come Home! Come along with Author & Illustrator Clay Boura and his character Beamer and learn the REAL meanings to some silly sayings! 

Session 1: Saturday, October 14 @ 10:00am

Session 2: Saturday, November 11 @ 10:00am

Session 3: Saturday, December 16 @ 10:00am

Resident: $7 || Non-Resident: $12