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Live Rite Structured Recovery Corp is a start-up non-profit. We subsidize the recovering addict's housing, education, therapy, and after care so they may become a productive, drug and alcohol free member of society once again. Saving another addicts life is our mission and goal.


Recovery Resource Center - Resources at your fingertips

Our Recovery Resource Center in Roseville is now up and running. Our center is a community hub where someone at any point in their recovery can frequent. We have staff to help you make the first step in starting your recovery. We have resources such as food, clothing, job assistance and recovery housing that can get you back on your feet. We provide weekly meetings and events that keep you on the path of sobreity. View details more details on what we do and all the resources we provide.


We provide resources for long term recovery

Our mission is to reduce the stigma and provide resources, education, and funding to the person and their families seeking recovery from active addiction. Saving one more life, so that they may easily transition from the life of active addiction onto a lifestyle free from drugs, alcohol, and destructive behavior. Building a foundation to become a productive citizen in society.


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