About CRG Digital

What is CRG?

The Community Resource Guide is a new digital platform designed to make engaging with your community fun and easy. Designed to make keeping up and connecting easy, fun, and informative.

Originally established in 2019, The Community Resource Guide started as a program to help municipalities with a physical, print-based newsletter. In 2022, we officially launched CRG digital to connect Michigan communities online, and the products reach is growing every day.

Our team of loyal Michiganders is dedicated to connecting Michigan residents. The CRG Team strives to create new, entertaining ways to engage with those around you, in an easy-to-digest, constructive manner.


All submissions to The Community Resource Guide of Michigan are subject to review. All content submitted must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Any content submitted that promotes a for-profit-business or the products that they offer, must be posted via a paid business profile
  2. All content must:
    1. Follow federal and state laws
    2. Be able to be deemed family friendly
    3. Be constructive toward the community
    4. Be truthful or factual


The Community Resource Guide of Michigan and Drive Creative Services take no responsibility of the sales or transactions created through any form of advertisement, promotion, or listing. Any connections or meetings created via www.crgmichigan.com are to be considered a third-party engagement.